Quickesign Widgets

The Canva and Design Tool widgets are available with the Standard plan. All other widgets come with the Pro plan.


Canva has thousands Of Custom Templates And Stock Images that you can use with Quickesign. Canva is a Quickesign widget that all Quickesign users with the standard plan can access.

Quickesign Design Tool

This tool provides a large selection of templates that you may edit and incorporate those slides into your layout.

You may also design your own. The design tool has a robust set of features including

- a library of badges, clip art, flat icons, quotes, and shapes
- robust text formatting and design
- QR codes
- fun drawing tools


Weather is a popular widget. Quickesign has three different styles. You may also have a transparent background and overlay the weather on top of your own background.

Here are a few samples:

Twitter / Facebook

This widget lets you add a public Twitter or Facebook feed. First, enter a public page such as


Then enter the number of posts to include, then click Add Widget. Here is a sample of the slides:

RSS Feeds

This widget creates slides from an rss feed. Choose from one of the available feeds or input a custom feed.

Please email support@quickesign.com if you need help finding a working feed.

When adding an rss widget to a slideshow, you will get a slide with an image and text such as this:

Also, you can add rss feeds to a text zone. This allows you to have a text only feed that can scroll horizontally or display one paragraph at a time.


Include Instagram images, videos, and text captions in your slideshow with the Instagram widget.

First, you will need to authenticate your Instagram account. Once authenticated, Quickesign can pull your latest posts. You have the option to include a text caption or not.

External Link

With the External link widget, you can include files that are stored on other servers. The link must be a direct link to a jpg, png, or mp4 file.

For example, https://www.filehost.com/yourfile.png links directly to a png image.

Webpage Snapshot

The snapshot widget allows a public webpage to display as a slide. The page will be updated periodically (hourly). Contact support if you need more frequent updates.

When adding the snapshot widget, you can enter the width and height of the snapshot image. This can be useful to fine tune the area that is captured from the website.

Calendar (Google or Outlook)

With this widget, you copy a script from your Google or Outlook calendar so that it will display as a slide in a slideshow. Google has some flexibility (agenda, weekly, monthly). Outlook only displays as a monthly view. See the help section for the steps to add your calendar:

Calendar Help

Google Doc

This widgets can display your Google doc as a slide in a slideshow. The slide will update every hour.

Google Doc Help

Youtube Video

Youtube videos are added to your layout using the video ID. The video ID is at the end of the youtube url. For example, this url
The id is V8uzfKQYiyY

Or click share in youtube and you get this shortened link:

Again, the id is at the end: V8uzfKQYiyY

Roku displays do not support Youtube videos

Live Stock Data

Coming Soon