If your player is running Roku OS 12.0 or later, the Quickesign setup has changed
If you are running Quickesign on a Roku, there are some important changes with Roku OS 12. Roku is in the process of rolling this out now and some players have already been updated. You can see if your player has updated in Settings->System->About

Screensaver Channel Needed

The current Quickesign channel no longer can work in screensaver mode. Basically, Roku wants channels to either be screensavers or standard channels, but not both.

We remedied this problem by adding a new Quickesign channel. You can get the new channel by searching for 'QESIGN' on your Roku. Install that and set that to be your new screensaver.
Set your screensaver at Settings -> Theme -> Screensavers.
Also go to Settings->Theme -> Screensaver Start Time. Set that to 1 minute.

Bandwidth Saver Problem

There is a new feature that defaults to be turned on called Bandwidth Saver. This should be turned off since it will eventually cause Quickesign to exit.
Go to Settings -> Network -> Bandwidth Saver and turn this off.

Power Saver

You should also turn off the Roku power saver
Go to Settings -> System -> Power -> Auto power savings and turn this off.

New Roku Channel
We now have 3 different channels for the Roku

You can get the public Roku channel by searching 'quickemenu' on your Roku player. Previously, 'quickesign' was used.

Use this link to get the private Quickesign channel:
Roku Channel

Important Roku Settings

Set the Roku screensaver
Set the screensaver to QESIGN with a 1 minute startup time. Here are the Roku screensaver instructions:
Roku Screensaver

Stuck on "Downloading Layout"

Some players that have upgraded to Roku OS 12 get "stuck" and can't start the Quickesign content. The solution
1) delete the screen from the screens tab
2) restart the Quickesign channel
3) It should now show a code and let you link it again

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