Multizone Layouts

Multizone layouts give you complete flexibility to design your layout and give it some interesting layering and movement. Components of a multizone layout:

Background - upload your own background image or choose from the Quickesign library

Music - you can upload mp3 music files for background music.

Zones - includes Slideshow, Text, Rectangle, and date/time. You may add any number of zones to your layout and position them as needed.

Slideshow Zones - With the slideshow zone, you may add images, videos, and widgets that will play in a sequence.

Text Zones - A text zone includes text that you can format the color, font, and size. It may also have multiple "paragraphs" that display one at a time, an rss feed, or a count down clock.

Rectangle - Rectangles are useful as backgrounds to text zones. Experiment with the transparency for interesting displays.

Date/Time -With this zone, you can add a digital or analog clock.

Multizone Layout Video:

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