Quickesign Terminology

Here are some terms used in Quickesign. Other signage systems may use different terminology:

Link Device
This is the process of setting up your player. When you start the Quickesign app (or channel) you will see a code on the screen. You "link" the device to your Quickesign.net account by entering the code into the link device screen.

Screen or Device
A screen or a device is a player such as Roku or Fire tv. You may have any number of screens linked to your Quickesign account.

A layout may be as simple as a full page image or it may be multizone. Each zone in a layout maybe a slideshow of images, videos and widgets, formatted text, rectangles, and clocks.

The playlist is the list of layouts assigned to a screen. Often, you may just need one layout assigned to a playlist.

Additionally, in a layout, images and videos are added in a sequence that is also referred to as a playlist.

Each screen may have a schedule. Use the schedule to automatically change the screens playlist at a certain time.

Widgets are added to slideshows. These include all dynamic features like weather, news, and instagram feeds.

File Library
When you upload files such as pdf, png, and mp4, they are stored in your personal file library. You may organize these into folders and add them to your layouts. The file library also has a some useful functions:
Purge Unused Files - this removes any files that are not in use in a layout
Resize All Files - this resize images to a max of 1280x720. This is useful if you are running an older or low end Roku that only supports 1280x720
Resize Video - you can resize a video to a smaller size for more efficient playback. This feature also improves some videos that have encoding issues.

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