Roku Setup

Get the Roku Channel
You can get the public Roku channel by searching 'quickesign' on your Roku player.

Starting with Roku OS 12, the Quickesign screensaver must be installed as well as a separate channel. Get that channel by searching 'qesign' on your Roku player.

Important Roku Settings

Set the Roku screensaver
Set the screensaver to QESIGN with a 1 minute startup time. Here are the Roku screensaver instructions:
Roku Screensaver

Bandwidth Saver Problem

There is a new feature that defaults to be turned on called Bandwidth Saver. This should be turned off since it will eventually cause Quickesign to exit.
Go to Settings -> Network -> Bandwidth Saver and turn this off.

Power Saver

You should also turn off the Roku power saver
Go to Settings -> System -> Power -> Auto power savings and turn this off.

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